LEDSignalNo. of beepsErrorCorrection
Green LED continuously flashingNoneThere is no clock dataSwipe a clock card
Green LEDTwo beepsPCBA needs resetSwipe system card until you see a green LED.
Green LED TwiceOne short beep, one long beepBatteries are lowChange the lock batteries
Green LED and no motor soundOne beepMotor is not workingSwipe the card a few times to see if the motor can engage the latch. Otherwise, change the motor
Red LED One long beepTime is expired on the card, OR the 'Open Time' has restricted the Guest card.1. Extend the valid time on the card by software
2. Update new time for the door lock
3. Re-program the parameter card with the 'Open Time' unchecked
Red LEDTwo beepsA. Door lock has cancelled access for that card or the old Guest card is invalidated by a new Guest card
B. Door lock has not been programmed with PDA yet
A. Re-issue Guest Card and select 'Duplicate'
B. Program door lock with PDA
Red LEDThree beepsParameter is not set1. Swipe the parameter card (with clock setting)
3. Swipe Guest card
Red LEDFive beepsGuest card room no is not matching the door lock; or card is damaged; or software version is incorrect1. Swipe parameter card with the correct room no
2. Ensure room no is the same on the Guest card
No LEDNo BeepBatteries are flat, PCBA not working, battery case is damaged and not powering the circuit boardEnsure battery terminal plugs are inserted correctly