HAR200 – Bluetooth ACR – Access Control Reader

  • RFID swipe card access
  • Bluetooth mobile key access
  • Supports connectivity to BLE Gateway
  • Blue LED for power
  • Green/Red LED and buzzer for access indication
  • Maximum card read distance: 20 mm
  • Reader dimensions


Wiring diagram


  • This wiring diagram is relevant for both ‘Standard Access Control Reader’ and ‘Bluetooth Access Control Reader’
  • Note: In this figure, the ‘purple’ wire will sometimes be ‘orange’ on the actual reader supplied. It is reserved and not used unless specified. Please terminate the Orange or Purple wire at all times.

Setup and Programming

  1. Swipe System card -> Green LED                                    if Red LED, swipe system card again
  2. Swipe Parameter card – > Green LED                              if Red LED, reprogram the parameter card to the correct common door code i.e ‘002’
  3. Test with Master card -> Green LED -> Relay fires        if Red LED, System card was not swiped correctly and did not receive a green light.


Power specifications

Reader Power: 12V DC / 1A

Contact Rating: 0.5A 125Vac / 1A 30Vdc


Please note: 

The relay is dry contact. You need to power the electric lock from a dedicated power source.

This reader is compatible with contact switches for gates/garage doors/lifts etc. Just wire the COM, NC, NO terminals to the required location.



  • Cat-5 or Cat-6 cables is a suitable wire type for the ACR Power (Red, Black), REX switch (Grey, Blue), and NO, COM, NC wires (Yellow, White, Green) if using the relay as a dry contact or to switch a low powered electric strike (12V DC ~ 1A).
  • If using a high power electric strike or high powered electromagnetic lock, wire a figure 8 cable (or equivalent) between the power supply and the electric strike or electromagnetic lock.
  • Max length for a Cat-5 cable between the Power Supply and ACR reader unit: 50 m
  • Standard ACR and Bluetooth ACR is not waterproof and requires a cover and/or silicon after installation for water protection.
  • 240V AC to 12V DC Power supply is not supplied by KAS.



Waterproofing option examples:

  • Use a “transparent IP55 PVC enclosure” for the ACR readers that will be installed without rain protection.
  • Ensure to keep a maximum 20mm for the card read distance.
  • If readers are installed with a roof eve and it can be determined it will not get direct rain, you do not have to use the transparent PVC enclosure.