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Offline pin codes – How do they work?

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  • Everytime you create a new offline pin code for a room, it will invalidate the previous offline pin code. This means you can only have ONE offline pin code working at one time.
  • When setting the parameters, take note of the ‘Check-in date’. The pin code will only grant access when the ‘Check-in date’ is equal to the ‘Current date’
    • Check-in date = Current date
    • If check-in date is not equal to the current date, the offline pin code will not work. You will need to issue another offline pin code for the guest where ‘Check-in date’ = ‘Current date’
  • You can only issue an offline pin code for 1 room at a time.
  • Inserting offline pin codes to the door lock will not affect any Guest/Staff/Master RFID card access privileges. In other words, the offline pin code system words independently to the RFID card system.


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