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Lock has a Green Flashing LED / Light

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If a lock or an access control has a green flashing LED. It means the clock needs updating or setting.

There are two methods to set the clock on the lock:

  1. By RFID Clock Card
  2. By PDA


1. Update Clock by Clock card

  1. Open Lock-S Software
  2. Go to Clock Card under Setting Cards (1)
  3. Put a blank card on the card encoder
  4. Click Issue (2)
  5. Swipe the Clock card on the lock once. This will stop the green flashing LED because the clock is now set.


  1. Ensure the time you have programmed onto the clock card is the same as the current time.
  2. To do this, keep ‘System time’ checked when issuing a clock card, see below screenshot.


2. Update Clock by PDA

  1. Plug the PDA into the computer via USB cable
  2. Go to ‘System>PDA’ in the top menu bar
  3. Click the ‘Clock’ button to refresh the clock in the PDA
  4. Unplug the PDA from computer and walk to the lock
  5. Turn on the PDA and go to the ‘Clock’ page
  6. Swipe the PDA to the lock to set the clock
  7. The green flashing LED will stop flashing after correct setting.






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