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KAS Lock-S Software is a PC Software which allows you effortless control of your electronic lock system in your property. 


Beta Disclaimer: KAS Integration ToolKit is currently under active development. The Beta labeling implies that while the core features of the integration have been implemented, bugs and issues may remain undiscovered until this phase of testing is complete. As such, you may experience undesired issues.

By using the KAS Integration ToolKit as Beta software you understand and agree that issues may be encountered without prior warning that may affect your experience.

Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems, please contact our support team.



How to sign up for the app?

The Intergration ToolKit is offered to all KAS customers with the “Lock-S Software”.

To sign up, you need to contact KAS and let me know you would like the integration. KAS will then provided the solution to you and offer a cost to install it on your machine on your behalf.

The integration package is unavailable if you have previous software versions such as “LMS Lock Management System”. However, KAS offer upgrade options to existing customers so you can make the Cloudbeds connection at a later stage.


How to connect the apps for the first time?

The KAS Integration ToolKit can only be connected if you have an active Cloudbeds account and have the KAS Lock Software setup and running onsite. The connect can be done at any time as long as both systems are up and running.

In general, only KAS will set up the application on your machine and get it running. However, the guide below will give you an idea of what is involved. If you wish to set up the application yourself, that is fine and you can save on the setup charge. Note: 30mins free support time if you decide to set up yourself. Greater then 30mins will be charged as support time.


Brief Summary of Features

  • Automatically retrieve new reservations made from Cloudbeds
  • Automatically send mobile keys to guest’s mobile number
  • Automatically generate a pin code for guests (Coming soon)
  • The ToolKit will only sync when the status of the reservation on Cloudbeds is ‘Confirmed’.
  • Stores a Log File for easy tracking if something goes wrong.
  • Runs in the background tasks so once it is set up, the user does not need to touch the application.

For more explanation go to the Integration ToolKit marketing page here.



Please note the following limitations:

  • If a mobile number is not entered in Cloudbeds, the mobile key cannot be sent to a guest. Note please use the ‘Phone’ field for all mobile numbers and not the ‘Cell Phone’ field. 
  • If a room number is not assigned in Cloudbeds, the reservation cannot be synced to KAS. Please ensure the room numbers are also matching between KAS Lock System and Cloudbeds
  • A reservation must have a status of ‘CONFIRMED’ for the sync to occur.
  • Reservations for 3 days in advance will only be synced
  • You can set the timeframe of syncing to occur. The default is 10min. Minimum is 2mins.
  • If the application is closed, the reservation syncing will also stop.



Steps for Integration ToolKit Connection Setup


Step 1: Install the ToolKit.exe file

  1. Download the .exe file from here and install it on your machine. Note: you also must have PMS Server installed
  2. Launch the application and ensure you see the following screen:
  3. Now go to Step 2 to link your Cloudbeds account



Step 2: Approve the Cloudbeds Connection:

  1. Click the ‘Start’ button as shown in the following screen: 
  2. A web browser will launch on your machine and you will be redirected to a Cloudbeds official page to connect your account.
  3. Once you click Approve, a new window will appear that notifies of the successful connection.
  4. Well done!  You have connected the ToolKit application to your Cloudbeds account.

Note: you only have to do this once.


Step 3: Custom Field in Cloudbeds

! IMPORTANT ! The ToolKit uses a custom field in Cloudbeds. Please ensure you do NOT edit this field and ensure that the custom field is created with the following parameters. KAS use this custom field to give you a bookingID which will be the same bookingID as in Lock Software.

Custom Field Name:    “BookingIDKAS”

If necessary, KAS will assist in setting this up for you.

! Just ensure to understand that you or your staff must not edit this field. !



Step 4: Matching Room Numbers

In order to sync the reservations correctly, you must ensure a room has been assigned.

Step 4.1: Ensure the room numbers are correct in Cloudbeds

  1. In Cloudbeds, Go to Settings>Accomodation Types
  2. Ensure the ‘Accomodation Name’ fields are correctly assigned.


Step 4.2: Match the room numbers in KAS Lock Software

  1. In KAS Lock Software, go to Data>Guest Room
  2. Ensure the ‘Lock No.’ field matches the ‘Accommodation Name’ field in Cloudbeds. If you need to edit a Lock No, click the ‘Edit’ button.



Step 5: Get the ToolKit running

  1. Open the ToolKit.exe software on your machine and click “START”
  2. Modify Settings by clicking ‘Settings’ and make your choice. Polling time is set to 10mins default and 2 minutes is minimum. Check Automatic mobile key sending to send a mobile key to ALL reservations received.


How to Disconnect the App?

Since this app runnings independently from your Cloudbeds web application, disconnecting is simple. You just need to not run the ToolKit application and bookings will not sync between accounts. If you prepare you can also uninstall the application from your machine and all user data will be removed.

To remove the KAS app from Cloudbeds follow these instructions.


How to get support?

  1. You are in the Cloudbeds Knowledge Base centre right now, go to the right of this screen and navigate to Cloudbeds Knowledge Base category. All articles are displayed here
  2. If you don’t see your answer please email:


Bug-reports? Feedback? Improvements?

  1. Please email




Have a question?

Please go to the Cloudbeds Connect FAQ here



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