Gateway Device Mapping- BLE

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The following parameters are ‘guides’ for Gateway positioning for site installation and configuration.

KAS recommended the following parameters but can not guarantee the performance due to each sites specific nature:

Example layout:


BLE Gateway:

  • The number of devices: max 15 locks to 1 gateway, recommended 10 locks to 1 gateway.
  • Working radius: max 10 m (-90 RSSI) radial working distance, recommended 6 m (-85 RSSI) radial working distance
  • Recommended working BLE signal strength; max -40 RSSI, min -90 RSSI (Absolute max -95 RSSI)
  • WIFI signal: connect to any active WIFI network using WIFI name and WIFI password. The gateway must be in strong WIFI network range
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz (BLE, WIFI)
  • Power: 5V Power adapter (supplied)

*Use these as a ‘guide’ only. Parameters are tested by KAS.



  • Distance is an approximate calculation from lock signal strength. The distances stated on this page are based on line-of-sight with no penetration or object interference, unless specified.
  • If the gateway is mapped to a lock to travel around corners you will need to reduce the working distance because signal strength will drop around corners.
  • WIFI signal (Gateway -> Internet) is quite an important parameter. Don’t forget to consider the gateway position relative to the building WIFI router:
    • Gateway -> Lock
    • Gateway -> WIFI router
  • If the WIFI signal to the gateway is poor, the gateway will not perform well.

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