FAQs – Cloudbeds Integration ToolKit

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How to view Bookings in Lock-S Software which have been synced?

Open the lock software and click ‘Booking Management’ then ‘Booking’. The list of synced bookings will be displayed here.

When you’re ready to issue a Guest card, go to ‘Booking Management’ then ‘Reception’. Click the row in the table for the booking you wish to issue cards for and click ‘Issue’. Place a blank card on the desk encoder and issue the details. All the booking details such as name, number, stay details will be prefilled in the Guest card form.


How can I check if Mobile Keys were sent successfully to the guest(s)?



What format can I put in the mobile field to ensure the guest receives a mobile key?

It must be a mobile so any number starting with ’61’ or ’04’ can be received and sent. You do NOT need to put the ‘+’ symbol at the front of the mobile number.





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