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“A valid authorization already exists” error message when issuing a Mobile key

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“A valid authorisation already exists” error message when issuing a Mobile key


The following error message is observed when issuing a mobile key.


The first thing to check is if another mobile key has been issued to the same mobile number, click on the “Check out” button.

If the mobile key is found with the same mobile number you can check the mobile key out and re-issue a new key with the updated room selected.

If the mobile key does not exist, the mobile number has usually been used to issue a mobile key as a Staff member (Staff card or Master card) rather then guest


Click on the top menu “Report->Card Info” and search for the mobile number in the Phone No. column.

Locate the Room number for the mobile key.


Find the Room number under the Staff Card section (or Master Card section) and select the “Erase Phone” button, select the existing mobile key matching the mobile Phone number that the new mobile key will be issued to and erase it.


Now go back to the original Guest room and issuing the mobile key will now send successfully.

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