Daily Usage Guide – Online Software

Step 1: Start up the Lock iPMSServer

  1. Launch Lock iPMS Server V11.0.
  2. It is not strictly necessary to ‘Run as Administrator’

  1. Check the application is “Running” in the status icon menu. The message “PMS Running” will also be displayed in the main application if you open the Server window. Pictured below.
    1. Green Traffic Light is = “Running”
    2. Red Traffic Light icon is = “Stopping




Step 2: Launch KAS Lock-S System


  1. Launch KAS Lock-S System software

  1. Right-click on one of the ‘Common door’ icons and select an option.

Remote set clock:

  1. Successful setting message:
  2. Lock is not online:

Remote erase card:

  1. Select the cards you wish to erase, click ‘Ok’:The command is required to ping between the Reception PC, Internet, Gateway, Lock and back. The Erase card make take slightly longer than other features. Approx. wait time 5-15seconds
  2. When the command is sending you will see “Wait…” in the ‘Status’ column. At this stage, please wait…
  1. When you see the “Success” in the ‘Status’ column, the card has been erased successfully. If you don’t see “Success” the command was not successful. Try checking gateway status or sending the command again
  1. If you erase multiple cards, after the ‘Success’ message, click ‘Ok’ and a new form will appear to erase the second card, and so on…
  2. If unsuccessful, please also check that the PMS Server is running in Step 1.

Remote read records:

  1. Query the date range, click ‘OK’: 
  2. Successful: The opening records will be displayed in real-time.
  1. Unsuccessful setting message:
  2. This could identify the Gateway is not online, or the gateway was not picked up records for the Query range. Change Query range or Check Gateway status. Checking Gateway status: If Green or Red pulsing LED; power cycle the gateway, unplug, wait 5 seconds, plug back in, ensure green pulsing LED. If still red pulsing LED, you will need to re-activate the gateway.
  3. Also, check the PMS Server is running in Step 1.